‘Wave to Hokusai’ (Italian Portoro Marble)

“The inspiration for this piece is the ubiquitous image of Katsushika Hakusai’s ‘The Great Wave at Kanagawa’. The stone I used is Italian Portoro Marble. The markings in this stone reminded me of the surf on the crest of the … Continue reading

‘Woman on the Red Carpet’ (Mocha Creme Portuguese Limestone)

“The idea behind this sculpture is some of the ‘celebrities’ who pose on the red carpet. They appear faceless and stand like statues (hence the snapped off arms) with dresses that cannot easily be walked in, waiting to be admired … Continue reading

photo of Untitled. Sculpture by Christopher E Green

‘Walking Woman’ (Statuario Puro Bianco Marble)

“This piece was inspired by a poster of a woman I once saw.  To me, women are more intrinsically interesting to sculpt because of the way they sit, move, and are shaped.  For this piece I wanted to strip away any sexuality … Continue reading

‘Proserpina’ (Spanish Black Marble)

“Upon seeing Bernini’s magnificent sculpture, ‘The Rape of Prosperina’ I was inspired by how he had managed to transform stone into flesh. This is my interpretation of his sculpture. The sculpture displays the imprint left by gripping fingers on the … Continue reading