English Transplant Sculpting in Katonah

I met Chris Green at Perks Coffee Shop in Katonah when he was showing a white, silky, curvy marble sculpture to Patricia Silvestre. When you hear the words ‘stone sculpture’ you may not immediately think ‘silky’ and ‘curvy,’ but he captured what he was going for in this piece.

Chris moved to Katonah from the south coast of England, near Brighton, when his wife got a job here with Pfizer. Before coming to Katonah he had only been to Florida with his kids doing the obligatory Disney trip. He said he went home with a slightly less-than-positive view of the States.

But now that he’s been here for three years, he loves the States and said he thinks “Katonah is lovely.”

Green also said he finds the average New Yorker more open to art, and believes there are fewer assumptions about class and social stature surrounding accents than in the UK. While I’m not certain I agree with him, I’m glad his experience is so.

At the moment Chris is working on a piece carved out of Spanish black marble.

[As published on the Bedford Katonah Patch]